Climb In Parks

Climb In Parks

Allow climbing in Ontario Parks!

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Dear Minister Khanjin and MPPs, I hope this letter finds you well. I wanted to take a moment to both express my appreciation for the work undertaken by your predecessor, Minister David Piccini, and to extend a warm welcome to you, Minister Andrea Khanjin. As a climber, I am excited for you to continue the great progress initiated by Minister Piccini in regard to rock climbing within our Provincial Parks. The MECP has demonstrated a commitment to work with the Ontario Alliance of Climbers (OAC) to allow climbing access in Ontario’s Provincial Parks. I am truly grateful for the MECP’s willingness to listen to the climbing community and work together. The importance of allowing rock climbing within our provincial parks cannot be overstated. It is a passion that resonates deeply within the community. It also brings numerous benefits to our province: ● Rock climbing is a rapidly growing sport, with thousands of Ontarians participating ● Rock climbing boosts tourism, supports local economies, and is a growing industry in our province ● Rock climbing and ecological interests are aligned, and proper management plans cultivate conservation ● Rock climbing is a safe and fun part of a healthy lifestyle, benefiting both physical and mental health It's worth noting that rock climbing has been a part of areas like Devil’s Glen and Lion’s Head Provincial Parks for over half a century. However, the absence of formal climbing management plans has led to ineffective and inconsistent management of climbing activities. This has resulted in missed opportunities for tourism, recreation, stakeholder engagement, and collaborative conservation efforts. The MECP and the OAC have been collaborating to rectify this situation. I kindly request your continued support in updating provincial park management plans to include rock climbing. This would enable Ontarians and visitors alike to enjoy rock climbing in our provincial parks, contribute to the economic growth of our province, and be active partners in the crucial mission of ecological conservation. Once again, welcome to your new role, Minister Khanjin. We look forward to working closely with you to further enhance the opportunities for rock climbing in our beloved Ontario Parks! Sincerely, [Name] [City/Town]


Climbing access is severely restricted in Ontario.

We're asking you to tell politicians to allow Ontarians to rock climb in our provincial parks! By doing so, they will help boost tourism, expand recreational opportunities, and collaboratively conserve and care for nature with the community.

Watch the recording of our Town Hall to learn more about the current status of climbing at Devil's Glen, and our campaign to #SaveOntarioClimbing!

The Ontario Alliance of Climbers (OAC) is a volunteer non-profit organization that works in collaboration with stakeholders to steward access to outdoor rock climbing.

The #SaveOntarioClimbing campaign is an OAC initiative advocating for climbing on our public lands. For more details about climbing in Ontario, see our website below.